Patient Testimonials

 Dr. Kathy has been instructional in getting me back on track. I began going to the Center for Holistic Medicine almost 2 years ago when allopathic medicine was not answering my questions or taking the time to listen to my concerns. Dr. Kathy takes her time & truly listens, addressing each issue. She has worked closely with me to develop a plan of care I can live with which has alleviated my join pain, improved my energy level & reduced my overall inflammation from auto immune disease. She addresses all aspects of health holistically, environment, diet, exercise, stress along with pathology & the impact these factors have on the body & mind. The approach is not a "pill for every ill" but, how to bring it into balance. Thank You Dr. Kathy!     Christine P.

  • "We began taking our daughter to Dr. Kathy when a traditional medical approach didn't seem to give us any answers. After one visit we felt so much further ahead than we did in the past year. Dr. Kathy takes the time needed to listen to your concerns and address your medical condition as a whole. She advised an in-depth plan of action, looking at diet, environmental and medical implications. It uncovers issues you would never think of. We look forward to the beneficial changes of this individualized plan."
    Julie K.
  • "I am so thankful for Dr. Kathy! I found her in moments at the beginning of menopause. I was overweight, low energy, and feeling miserable in my body with pain. She was easy to talk to and I found myself pondering so many things she would explain to me. She inspired me to do the right thing. Changed in diet, exercise, taking meds & supplements daily. I continue to meet with her every 6 months tackling concerns about my body condition. She knows so much about chemistry in the body. Thank you for bringing "Good Health" to my body. I am so reminded to keep up with my visits to Dr. Kathy. :)"
    Robin E.
  • "Dr. Kathy Ferraro is personable, a good listener who takes time to ask questions and respond with understanding. She is thorough and caring. Her treatments make a positive and significant improvement on my overall well-being."
    Linda Z.
  • "Dr. Kathy is the kind of person you want for a neighbor; she is thoughtful, polite and compassionate. She is a great listener and astute mental "processor". She very clearly has a keen intellect and an amazing mental/medical database. Her support staff is equally as pleasant and courteous. I have repeatedly recommended her to friends."
    Dan R.
  • "I have seen Dr. Kathy for a few years and for various reasons - allergies, arthritis, back pain, joint pain, and for my overall general well-being. Dr. Kathy always takes as much time as is needed to talk to me and listen to my concerns. She also discusses any potential treatments with me and explains exactly what the purpose is. I have received various treatments - from microcurrent to acupuncture - and can honestly say I find relief from my pain every single time. I have been a patient of acupuncture for over 20 years and have never experienced the results I have from Dr. Kathy."
    John E.
  • "I was hopeful that acupuncture would help me and I was very pleasantly surprised that it helped me more than I expected. Dr. Kathy has been very interactive and together we have significantly improved my health."
    Mary F.
  • "Dr. Kathy provided me with excellent care when I needed it the most."
    Jennifer R.
  • "My knees and legs are still feeling great! Thank you again, after all the years of pain and numbness - it's great! I can even sleep better."
    Patricia N.
  • "Dr. Ferraro is a very dedicated professional with a commitment to the patient. She has been a wealth of knowledge and I would certainly recommend her to a potential future patient."
    Steve Z.
  • "I feel a lot better after seeing Dr. Kathy regularly and seeing which foods agree and do not agree with my system, I now receive supplements that make up for my nutritional deficiencies I had, which has increased my energy and mental focus. I feel the best I have in a long time."
    David Z.
  • "There are no words to describe my appreciation to Dr. Kathy. Having been in the middle of a cardiac nightmare for the past year, the emotional and physical stress have been almost intolerable. Without her medical knowledge, and deep personal caring and concern, I seriously doubt that I would have been able to make and survive this far. She may be "private "pay, BUT whatever the cost has been, it has saved my sanity, which in turn has carried me through the past year and has gotten me through numerous serious cardiac procedures and surgery. She cares, she listens and she gives excellent advice both medically and holistically. This in todays medical world is almost unheard of. A physician who truly CARES for her patients and is not bound by 15 minute time restraints. Probably kept me out of the Looney bin more than once. God Bless her."
    Elizabeth K

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