Other Books

Stop the Thyroid Madness II Janie Bowthorpe M. Ed. Editor

Gives a detailed integrative approach to the management of thyroid disorder, Including Hashimoto’s disease as well as the controversy surrounding reverse T3. Helpful information for Anyone struggling with thyroid dysfunction.

Dirty Genes- Dr. Ben Lynch

Explains how your genes are not your destiny. Takes a deep dive into particular genetic snps and what you can do to make your body work efficiently despite them. Dr. Lynch uses a Soak and scrub involving, rest, exercise, nutrition and supplements to support one’s system. 

The Metabolic Approach to Cancer- Nasha Winters ND

This book provides a comprehensive approach to healing your body to prevent cancer and also help those who are suffering with cancer improve their overall health and ability to hand chemotherapy.  Dr. Nasha is a cancer survivor herself, and I had the pleasure of meeting her at a recent conference.  She is an amazing person who is thriving despite having ovarian cancer for almost 30 years!  It is a great read and very inspiring to all... There is hope.

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