Breaking the vicious cycle - Elaine Gottschall

Introduction to the Specific carbohydrate diet- Inflammatory bowel disease diet.

Gut and psychology syndrome- Dr. Natasha Campbell- Mcbride

Autism treatment diet

Nourishing Hope- Julie Mathews

Introduction to multiple autism spectrum diets

Wheat Belly – William Davis MD

Association of metabolic syndrome with grain consumption. Nutritional approaches to reversing metabolic syndrome.

Grain Brain- David Perlmutter MD

Neurologic effects of gluten and other grains in our diet.

The paleo Cure – Chris Kresser

Introduction and explanation of the Paleo diet, removing grains, legumes, sugars and white starchy foods.

Fat for Fuel- Dr. Mercola

Introduction to the ketogenic diet. Provides information on blood ketone test kits, and other practical ways of introducing the ketogenic diet. Recipe section within the book.

Simply Keto- Suzanne Ryan

What I liked about this book was the personalized approach to this diet. Suzanne makes the process of the keto diet easy. She discusses her success story and personalizes it. There are some simple recipes in the book that are very helpful.

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