Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Therapies Offered at the Center for Holistic Medicine

  •     Detailed history and physical examination, including nutritional evaluations.
  •     Comprehensive laboratory analysis, including traditional labs and specialty labs.
  •     Nutritional supplementation to address deficiencies and optimize cellular function. 
  •     Dietary and lifestyle interventions to support individualized wellness.
  •     Low dose naltrexone therapy for autoimmune and other conditions
  •     Hormone assessments and treatment
  •     Evaluation and Interventions for autoimmune conditions
  •     Detoxification and methylation support.
  •     Energetic treatments including acupuncture and FSM to help balance and support the body's natural healing mechanisms.

Dr. Kathy uses many therapies in addition to those listed above to treat her clients.  New interventions and practices are becoming available every day.  We do our best to integrate the latest developments with our patient's needs.  Dr. Kathy scrutinizes all integrative therapies to determine which ones are the most effective in the practice.  All therapies have their limitations, and not any one therapy is the correct treatment for everyone.  Decisions are made together with your practitioner to determine which modalities are the best for your individual condition.


What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a growing field of medicine that involves treating the underlying causes of diseases, rather than just the disease symptoms.  Functional medicine addresses; nutritional deficiencies, genetic weaknesses, environmental toxicities, hidden chronic infections, hormonal imbalances, structural imbalances and energetic imbalances in addition to many others. 

The assessment involves a detailed physical exam and history taking.  Past medical conditions, life stresses and other contributing factors are explored in detail.  Thereafter, traditional and or specialty labs are ordered and reviewed. 

Initial visits are followed by structured approaches to address the five principal elements of all health and wellness programs.  These core elements include stress reduction and management, dietary and nutritional interventions, restorative sleep and social engagement. Optimizing these foundational cornerstones, sets up a strong base for more complex interventions described above.

Functional medicine practitioners' partner with you on your wellness journey.  We believe that knowledge is power, and understanding your unique metabolic and nutritional needs can have an enormous impact to your life.  We look forward to working with you on your healing journey. 

Be wise and be well!

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