Behavioral Support

Learn to speak Kid, Thomas and Bonnie Liotta

Focuses on learning what motivates your child and rewarding children for good behaviors. Also focuses on teaching children how to do things and allowing them to make choices

Smart but scattered- Peg Dawson and Richard Guare

There are two renditions of this book, they provide a lot of insight into executive skills management and techniques that may be beneficial in the home and school setting.

The Verbal Behavior Approach- Dr. Mary Lynch Barbera

Review of therapies beneficial for young children with speech delays. Great resource for those looking to learn about what they can do at home for their child.

The Heartmath Solution- Doc Childre and Howard Martin

Companion to Heartmath program and Cellphone App. Explains the importance of heart rate variability in relaxing the nervous system.

The book of Tapping- Sophie Merle

Provides detailed information on learning Emotional freedom technique. This involves tapping on various acupuncture points to decrease anxiety during stressful situations.

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