Therapy Packages

1. Low level light - $75 per session

Body and PEMF therapy using LS pro low-level light therapy

Sessions are 20 minutes duration and use two light panels, one with PEMF Red LED therapy and near Infrared( IR) and a second with Red LED and Near IR only.

These can be applied to different areas of the body for cellular restoration.

Low level light therapy can be used for musculoskeletal injuries, mild fatigue. For chronic skin conditions and neuropathy we may suggest combinations of blue and red lights. We use medical grade equipment from a company called LS pro.

10 sessions for $650.

Facial Low-level Light Therapy

Each session uses LS pro healing light therapy – Low level light therapy is a new modality that is becoming more prevalent in the literature to support the health of connective tissue, collagen and energy revitalization of body tissues. Red and blue LED lights are applied to the skin to support the tissues below. This treatment is well tolerated and may help to decrease fine lines, blemishes and other signs of aging.

There are many medical journal articles that support the value of Low level light therapy for skin restoration and rejuvenation.

10 sessions for $500

2. Ultimate relaxation

Combination of Microcurrent (FSM)/acupuncture and craniosacral therapy techniques to relax the body, mind and spirit. This combination therapy helps to calm and quiet the autonomic nervous system, using varying treatment modalities.

50 minute session for $200.

3. Oxy- Light treatmen

Combine low level light therapy with mild Hyperbaric oxygen session- This increases blood supply also known as perfusion as well as oxygenation to specific tissues of concern. This is especially helpful for sports related injuries.

One combined session $200.

4. Frequency Specific Microcurrent therapy package

FSM is a terrific therapy for new injuries. If there are partial tendon or muscular injury or tears, sprains or strains, this treatment is ideal for you. The treatment involves the use of tiny frequencies passed through the body to help repair tissues. After your initial evaluation, 6 sessions of FSM may be recommended for treatment of your medical condition. This is especially true for sports related injuries. Therapeutic frequencies used, change based on presenting condition and progression of your recovery.

Six sessions in 1 month $550.

To learn more about the individual therapies, please go to our website under services and scroll to the therapy that you are interested in.

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