Podcasts are a great way of accessing a lot of valuable developments in functional and integrative medicine information. Most podcasts are free and readily available. Check out the list below of some of the podcasts that I regularly listen to.

ASF Weekly Science podcast - This podcast reviews recent publications on the topic of autism and developmental delays. This podcast can get scientific but is quite valuable for those who are interested in the latest information on autism spectrum disorder.

AutismOne.org talk radio – Various topics associated with the Autism diagnosis.

Betterhealthguy – Scott Forsgren interviews many specialists in the field of Lyme disease coinfections and mold illness. This is a very detailed and informative podcast for those suffering with chronic illness.

Bulletproof radio - Dave Asprey interviews many functional medicine and life experts. There are many pearls that can be learned from these experts and Daves personal experiences working through mold illness.

Fat burning man - Able James provides information on his Wild diet and Paleo style eating approach.

Revolution health radio - Chris Kresser provides a functional medicine and ancestral health approach to medical care

High intensity health radio - Focuses on Ketogenic and intermittent fasting in health and fitness. He also is knowledgeable in functional medicine and interviews many experts on these topics.

Sports Motivation Podcast - Lots of great insight from Niyi Sobo a former NFL player, who has learned to take sports and entrepreneurship to the next level. Having the right mindset and motivation can be a powerful resource.

Cabral Concept - Host Stephen Cabral provides a blend of ayurvedic as well as functional medicine information to listeners. Great source for information on his archived podcasts.

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