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Book Review: TOXIC By Neal Nathan, MD

The book, "TOXIC"  is an excellent read for patient's who are struggling with Mold illness, Lyme disease, Multiple chemical sensitivities and Chronic environmental illness. 

For those just entering into this realm, it is a great start to understanding why you may be struggling with medical symptoms, that most physicians do not understand.  The book is designed for the most sensitive patients ( those individuals, who frequently have reactions supplements and also a long list of food intolerances).  The book, also goes into enough depth that open minded physicians and other practitioners will find it to be quite useful. 

Dr. Nathan initially focuses on mold illness, and Bartonella.  He describes these illnesses well, and how they often manifest with similar symptoms, tremors, emotional issues, brain fog, paresthesia, ice pick headaches, joint pain, and autoimmune illnesses.  He notes that addressing the root causes of these symptoms and treating them is the best way to start a healing journey.

For mold illness, Dr. Nathan does a great job reviewing binders for particular species of mold and mycotoxins.  This is very helpful for clinicians and patients.  He even describes how to administer them, focusing on going low and slow, as not to overstress the detoxification system and make your symptoms worse.

The binder to toxin list is as follows:

Ochratoxin- Best bound by cholestyramine, charcoal and Welchol

Aflatoxins- Best bound by charcoal and bentonite clay

Trichothecenes- Best bound by charcoal, chlorella and clay

Gliotoxins- Best bound by bentonite clay, S. Boulardi and N-acetyl Cysteine.

Many difficult concepts are simplified in the book Toxic.  Dr. Nathan briefly discusses Mast Cell Activation System, the cell danger response and a chronically suppressed nervous system, immune system and endocrine system.  

He further touches on many concepts that are hard to grasp including ways to reboot these system, through program's like Annie Hopper's Dynamic neural retraining system, FSM, Acupuncture, craniosacral work and many others.  Therapies that he has found effective for rebooting the endocrine and the Immune system are also discussed.  

In general, I found this book to be a page turner, perhaps, because I have personally struggled with mold illness and other forms of chronic immune issues in my family and with my clients.  I found it hopeful, as it demonstrated several cases of patient improvement with relatively simple procedures. There is a nice appendix in the book that addresses indoor mold management. This too is simplified and generally helpful for those who are overwhelmed. 

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with chronic illness and is not getting the answers and help that they need.  I have been to Dr. Nathan's presentations in the past and have found his approach to Mold illness to be much simpler than many others that are out there.  Chronic inflammatory illnesses are hard to manage for patients and practitioners. Toxic provides a nice summary of the current literature, regarding tests and treatments which may be valuable to even the most sensitive patients.

Be wise and Be well!

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