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Ankle sprain? Microcurrent….No problem

     I admit, as a practitioner, I do have the good fortune of being able to use my own treatment modalities.  One of the tools that I personally find helpful in my first aid kit is frequency specific microcurrent (FSM). It is my go-to, if a family member or I have an acute injury, sprain or strain.  This tool has not failed me personally.  I find that, if I apply it within an hour of the injury, I can frequently remove the symptoms of the injury within the first week, especially if it is a mild injury. ( This is not true for fractures or complete tears of tendons or muscles,  they also benefit from FSM, but need the experienced assistance of an orthopedic doctor!)


I recently sprained my ankle/foot 8 days ago.  We all know that injury recovery for this can last for 4-6 weeks.  The injury was a typical inversion episode (Thankyou youngest daughter, for leaving your crocs in a doorway, while I was unpacking from a recent trip!).  In addition, for more fun,  the injury literally occurred 30 minutes before a skype interview that I had scheduled! 

I immediately applied the FSM tens pads and ran through a few programs, while I was interviewing…….:)  

My result- mild to moderate swelling that resolved almost completely in 2 days and minimal bruising that followed the fascial planes to the side of the foot. 

I only iced for 40 minutes total.  I did do ankle exercises and admit that I switched from walking 3 miles plus per day to biking daily.  I am an exercise junky, and this allowed me to be active without putting additional strain on the foot.  

Each day this week I saw dramatic improvements.  I went from walking with a limp to walking 200 meters the next day, 400 meters the following few days and gradually working up to 2 miles over the weekend. 

Now, 8 days out, I can honestly say that I can walk 3 miles again!  


In this setting I ran FSM programs totaling 3 hours daily for three days, followed by 3 further treatments of one hour each.


When a client comes in for a similar injury, I often run three simultaneous programs making their treatment 1 hour daily for three days in a row.  If they needed further treatment, we then reassess the following week, or if needed we treat over the weekend with a rental device. 


The healing time is amazingly fast.  I share this experience, because it is an example of the things that you can do to expedite healing.  I have seen this therapy get student athletes and others back on the “track” quickly. 


The real moral of the story…. “always have your kids clean up after themselves”  If this does not work,  we are fortunate to have FSM therapy!


Be wise and be well!





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