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After a big project is over, it is not unusual to need a reset.  All the effort that had been directed elsewhere, suddenly comes to a crashing halt.  I am a track and field coach for two different track teams in the area.   I love what I do, but it is incredibly time consuming and requires a lot of attention to detail at times.    This past weekend was the end of another big season.  It culminated in 3 full days at two different track and field events.  Needless to say, the house was a wreck.  Laundry needed to be done, my desk was stacked with papers and everywhere I looked, something needed my attention.

I know this is the typical mom scenario that we parents fall into. 

Being so overwhelmed does not get me to where I need to go.  I needed a reset.  Rather than starting my day, plowing forward in house and office work, I took an hour for myself.

I turned my cellphone off and went to Messiah College for a walk along the Yellow Breeches stream.

There were a few other moms there with their young kids.  There were tennis players and a few others taking time out of their day.  The sun was bright and there was a cool breeze.  I took time to walk the covered and suspended bridges over the Yellow Breeches.  I took in the groomed campus and the trees, what a great day!

In the process of taking this one- hour break, I caught some needed outdoor time and time to relax in my own thoughts.  Plan my day, plan my week, touch on personal areas that needed to be explored.  I love this quiet time.

I came back, happily, refreshed and able to start my household chores and not be overwhelmed by the task ahead.

When you finish a project, what do you do to reset?  Personally, I think that we need to reward ourselves with a little personal time.

Be wise and be well!

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