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  • Reset
    After a big project is over, it is not unusual to need a reset.  All the effort that had been directed elsewhere, suddenly comes to a crashing halt.  I am Read more
  • Eye Contact
    Eye contact I see many children in the office with difficulties with eye contact.   The question becomes why is this?  and what can be done about it? It is not fully Read more
  • Heirloom Tomatoes, Family and Patience!
    Heirloom Tomatoes, Family and Patience! In today’s age of instant gratification, life’s lessons in patience can get lost, by rushing the process.  A hobby like gardening and taking time to go through Read more
  • Hypothyroidism, a Personal and Professional Journey
    Hypothyroidism is a condition that affects many people. I have personally struggled with this condition quite a bit. For me, I developed acute symptoms post-partum with my third child. I experienced Read more
  • Too Much Vitamin D
    I recently had a client with an elevated vitamin D level.  Yes,  Vitamin D can be toxic, and too much of a good thing can be a problem.It is important Read more
  • What to Expect from my Child with Autism?
    What to Expect from my Child with Autism? Katarzyna Ferraro MD I was asked by a client’s mom, “What can I expect from my child with autism?”  This woman’s son is 7. Read more
  • Dr. Kathy's Suggested Reading List
    Suggested reading list by topic:   I am passionate about learning new things that can help myself and others to lead their best life.  I spend many hours researching, attending conferences and Read more
  • Book Review: TOXIC By Neil Nathan, MD
    The book, "TOXIC"  is an excellent read for patient's who are struggling with Mold illness, Lyme disease, Multiple chemical sensitivities and Chronic environmental illness.  For those just entering into this realm, Read more
  • Electromagnetic Frequencies and Health
    Electromagnetic Frequencies and Health   Katarzyna Ferraro MD ABOIHM   Please scroll to the bottom of the document for Pearls if you are not interested in general information on EMF frequencies.    Much of the information Read more

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